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Fool’s Errand, Golden Fool, Fool’s Fate

Vertaal recensies in het Nederlands. Geverifieerde aankoop. Een iemand vond dit nuttig. Vertaal recensie in het Nederlands. This series brilliantly wrapped up the adventures of Fitz and brought a satisfying ending?

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I'd highly suggest reading them in order. Robin Hobb is a brilliant author whose writing is heartfelt, engaging, and leaves the reader staying up late for just one more chapter. I'm thankful I found her works after this series was completed because I'm not sure I could have waited for the next book to come out as she wrote them. Definitely worth reading. After reading the first trilogy, Assasins series , I had to get this one.

It stayed true to the first trilogy, and I eagerly read the further adventures of Fitzchivalry and the Fool. I continued reading this in the same way I did the previous one, which is to say I was resentful anytime I had to put my page-turning book down, and couldn't wait till I picked it back up. It's that good! Just a warning though that you will want to read the first set as soon as you finished the second! There's enough history revealed to remind you of previous happenings, and tie them neatly to the new story-line, without being so fully divulging it all or becoming a repeat, repeat, repeat.

I read this in a 3 book bundle, the Kindle version. It to me was an excellent follow up to the Farseer trilogy. It seemed to be very fitting extension of Fitz and the Fool's adventures. Many sad parts well written into the saga, a very fitting conclusion for the main character Fitz.

Good to see him finally seem to be able to realize some of his earlier desires. I think Robin Hobb did an outstanding job of writing. I am pleased to recommend this series to anyone who enjoys fantasy books. I would suggest that you read the Farseer trilogy first, I am now looking forward to reading the most recent Fitz and Fool book which I think is also going to be part of a series of books.

In my 57 years on this planet, I have read many, many fantasy books of this type, including of course Tolkien's trilogy, Donaldson's Unbeliever trilogies 3 of them, I think , and many more from the silly to the sublime. Robin Hobb, I must say, ranks among the latter. There was wood to split and stack. Porridge to cook, a hearth to sweep.

And I should climb the ash tree over the chicken house and cut off that one cracked limb before a storm brought it down on the chicken house itself. And we should go down to the river and see if the early fish runs have begun yet. Fresh fish would be good. Nighteyes added his own concerns to my mental list. I rolled over and went back to sleep. The chickens? It seemed but moments later that his thoughts nudged me.

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I was instantly alert. The slant of light in my window told me that hours had passed. I rose, dragged a robe over my head, belted it, and thrust my feet into my summer shoes. They were little more than leather soles with a few straps to keep them on my feet. I pushed my hair back from my face. I rubbed my sandy eyes.

I was expecting no one. Starling came thrice or four times a year, to visit for a few days and bring me gossip and fine paper and good wine, but she and Hap would not be returning so soon. Other visitors to my door were rare.

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There was Baylor who had his cot and hogs in the next vale, but he did not own a horse. A tinker came by twice a year. He had found me first by accident in a thunderstorm when his horse had gone lame and my light through the trees had drawn him from the road. The tinker had carved a curled cat, the sign of a hospitable house, on a tree beside the trail that led to my cabin. I had found it, but left it intact, to beckon an occasional visitor to my door. So this caller was probably a lost traveller, or a road-weary trader.

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I told myself a guest might be a pleasant distraction, but the thought was less than convincing. My heart near stopped in my chest. I opened the door slowly as the old man was reaching to knock at it. He peered at me, and then his smile broke forth.

Ah, Fitz! He reached to embrace me. For an instant, I stood frozen, unable to move. I did not know what I felt. That my old mentor had tracked me down after all these years was frightening.

There would be a reason, something more than simply seeing me again. But I also felt that leap of kinship, that sudden stirring of interest that Chade had always roused in me. When I had been a boy at Buckkeep, his secret summons would come at night, bidding me climb the concealed stair to his lair in the tower above my room.

Thoughts on finishing The Tawny Man Trilogy (The Golden Fool and Fool’s Fate)

Always my heart had beat faster at the opening of that secret door. Despite all the years and the pain, he still affected me that way. Secrets and the promise of adventure clung to him. So I found myself reaching out to grasp his stooping shoulders and pull him to me in a hug. Skinny, the old man was getting skinny again, as bony as he had been when I first met him.

But now I was the recluse in the worn robe of grey wool.


He was dressed in royal blue leggings and a doublet of the same with slashed insets of green that sparked off his eyes. His riding boots were black leather, as were the soft gloves he wore. His cloak of green matched the insets in his doublet and was lined with fur. White lace spilled from his collar and sleeves. The scattered scars that had once shamed him into hiding had faded to a pale speckling on his weathered face.

His white hair hung loose to his shoulders and was curled above his brow. There were emeralds in his earrings, and another one set squarely in the centre of the gold band at his throat. The old assassin smiled mockingly as he saw me take in his splendour. I fear you will find my home a bit ruder than what you have obviously become accustomed to, but you are welcome all the same.